Wisdom teacher

Teachings within yourself

Wisdom Teachings are teachings to find the true ‘you’ in yourself. You are, so you know; you can, you do from your own control, from your own ‘inner child’ or your own ‘Higher I’. You are everything. The child is mature, your ‘Higher I’ is you and from there you go out into the world again.

Since childhood I have been in contact with the Masters, the Angels and the Galactic Worlds; since I was five years old, they have taught me to heal, to look at the human being and to see the magnificence of the connection of Earth and Cosmos. They have taught me to understand the Universal Laws and to integrate and use them on this planet.

The Lady has asked me to take my place as Wisdom Teacher. Believe me, that the Lady had to be very patient with me. My free will gave me the freedom to find my own path, in my own way on all the questions of the Cosmos.

I wanted to rest, not to be a medium or a channel. I wanted to cook, garden, be with my children and grandchildren, go for a walk with friends, etc. Everything is allowed and everything is possible, but the question remained: ‘Are you prepared to move on’? And yes, I am.

Your own ‘you’ leads you to the future you want and gives you what you need. Being in control does not come from outside, but from within and so: take responsibility for the role you need to continue on your path.