‘Huizen voor Heelheid en Rust’

‘Huizen voor Heelheid en Rust’

This healing center is a place where healers work together according to different methods on the recovery of the people who come for a treatment. Our healers are energetic workers and are trained by Jean.

“My ‘dream’ is that doctors will team up with our energetic workers.”

Our home is a place where we tune in to the inexhaustible power and goodness of the universe. With this we provide a peaceful and pure place, golden energy where you can recharge or contemplate. We believe in raising the vibrations on Earth through energy work, meditation and healing.

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Jean makes it her life’s task to propagate the messages of the Lady of All Nations and to take up the assignments that result from it and to convert them practically into innovative initiatives to bring more ONENESS into the world.

IBBO schools

IBBO stands for ‘I Am Conscious Education’. IBBO is the first recognized spiritual school for primary and secondary education in the Netherlands, with its head office in Geleen and many branches in other places throughout the Netherlands.

HAVEN | Just be Homes

HAVEN’s Just be Homes offer a safe place to people who get stuck in their lives. You can stay there temporarily to relax and come to yourself.

‘Huis voor Heelheid en Rust’

In these troubled times there is a great need for connection, positivity and healing. “Huis voor Heelheid en Rust” offers a safe place with a high, pure energy. A place where you can recharge and relax, but also heal and recover.